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Lotto is often considered to be one of the most spread kinds of gambling: it’s liked by people of different ages all over the world and has huge popularity that doesn’t seem to go down. Most people who occasionally buy lottery tickets don’t think of themselves as real gamblers: this activity is seen as harmless and much less risky than other casino games. Lotto games have low requirements as well because a player doesn’t have to know any special information or strategies to take a part in a game: for just a few dollars anyone can have a chance to win a lot of money. Your intuition and luck are your best friends: though it’s pretty hard to win the biggest prizes in most lotteries, there are many people who have won smaller prizes that contained impressive sums of money. 

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Keno is one of the oldest kinds of lottery: its history starts from ancient China where the game was named “White Pigeon Ticket” because of how the tickets looked like. The game helped the local authorities to improve the financial situation of the Chinese provinces and the game has been extremely popular since then. Like many lotteries, Keno doesn’t require players to pay a lot but promises huge winnings – and these promises are true, but it’s extremely hard to win there. The biggest prize has never been won: a player has to guess all the Keno winning numbers to succeed but it’s mathematically proven that it’s almost impossible to do so. At the same time, there are lots of smaller prizes – and there are always lots of players checking Keno results regularly because everyone wants to become extremely rich overnight.

Modern Keno is played not only in Chinese provinces but also all over the world: since the XIX century, the game has been spread in Western countries and now you can easily find it on most lottery platforms. Nowadays you don’t have to visit any gambling establishments to buy a ticket: there are many special online lottery websites that operate Keno all over Canada and its provinces. OLG is one of the biggest lottery operators in the country: you can check OLG Keno numbers online at any moment because it’s a convenient and fast way of playing modern lotteries. There are also lots of local Canadian operators that offer Daily Keno to their customers: these games aren’t that big, so you won’t win a lot there but many people claim that it’s easier to win a local Keno than a bigger one.

What you should know about Keno

Keno is an old game with pretty simple rules: though there are multiple versions of the game you can find online, the basic principles are always pretty the same. In the game, there are numbers from 1 to 80 that you can operate, and every game consists of up to 20 numbers, so every player can choose up to 20 numbers as well. In a traditional version of Keno, there is a transparent plastic sphere or a reel with 80 balls in it, and every ball has a number on it. 20 balls that come out of the reel first are the winning numbers: though it sounds pretty simple, it’s still pretty hard to guess them. Nowadays there are lots of Keno games that don’t use a reel or balls anymore: random number generators can easily replace them and provide fair Keno results. A player doesn’t have to guess all 20 numbers correctly: in many versions of the game, a few correct numbers is enough to have a small prize. Though it doesn’t sound too complicated, the chances of guessing all 20 numbers are extremely low: some specialists believe that it’s about 1 to 3,6 quintillion.

There are lots of enthusiasts online who claim that they know some daily Keno numbers that have higher chances: lots of people offer their special winning strategies and tips on how to beat the game (and it’s not for free, of course). In reality, there is no evidence these tips actually work: daily Keno attracts most players because the rules of the game are extremely easy and reliable, so it’s hard to compromise them. There are some players who are suspicious about RNG Keno but there are no reasons not to trust it: all daily Keno operators have to be regulated and checked occasionally to make sure they provide a fair and honest gambling experience.

Nowadays, Canadian players can enjoy Keno after buying tickets in land-based gambling establishments or online: modern players don’t have to go outside and look for Keno tickets in real life because the Internet makes lots of things much simpler. At the same time, not every online casino has Keno as an option: though lotto is a part of the world of gambling, not every Keno lover associates the game with other casino games like slots, table games and betting. It’s easier to find Keno on specialized lottery websites: they tend to have simples designs and there are usually not many games there because these services put an emphasis on lotto instead of pokies. It’s recommended to check Keno websites in advance because some of them might not be licensed: though the biggest casino games providers always have licenses given by famous licensing organizations like eCOGRA or MGA, small local lotto websites can sometimes neglect the rule. Though some of the local lotto establishments might provide fair and reliable service without the license, its presence guarantees that your interests will be protected and you’ll collect your possible winnings.

Though there aren’t any special ways of guessing all correct Keno numbers, there are some betting strategies that are often used by gamblers all over the world. For instance, the famous Martingale strategy is used not only in Roulette but also in Keno: these games have a bit of similarity which allows players to use the same principles in betting. If you make a bet and you lose, then you should double your bet the next time. This principle is based on the theory that your next winning should cover your previous failure at least twice, so the main point is to continue betting for a long time to cover your previous bets. When you finally win, you should go back to the minimum bet and play again. The D’Alambert Strategy is pretty similar: when you lose, you should add one more stake to your initial bet to cover your previous failure. Just like the previous strategy, the D’Alambert system assumes you will play enough to finally beat the game and cover your previous bets.